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The time is finally here! We are officially allowing you to rent out headsets starting Monday, June 15th! We will allow you to rent up to 50 headsets for 24 hours!


How Does It Work? 


1. Email us at to go over pricing and pick up/drop off fees. There are no extra fees if you’re able to pick up/drop off the headsets & equipment.


2. Each headset is highly sanitized before you pick them up! We ask that our customers please sanitize each headset before returning them. 

You can do this by wiping them down with clorox, lysol or any antibacterial wipes.


3. You’ll get an online video chat to receive step by step instructions on how to set everything up!  


4. Get ready to party with your family & friends!


Please email us if you’re ready to enjoy your Summer 2020 with Myysilentdance party!




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