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My Silent Yoga

Rise Early & Escape the city noise with Silent Music Headphones and land with us to a soundscape of breath, movement, and tunes on The Beautiful Rooftop of the Bruce Bolling Building in Dudley Square!! We will embrace the warm sunrise and city skyline. The class will be soundtracked by 3 stations accompanied by clear voice instruction to remove you from your world.

“My Silent Yoga” is a yoga experience created by people of color, a collaboration  of Trupeace Wellness and My Silent Dance. 

Trupeace Wellness mission is to bring health and wellness (particularly bringing awareness to Mental Health) to our community through the transformative power of yoga. “My Silent Yoga” will bring awareness to Mental Health in Roxbury and neighboring communities. This collaboration with My Silent Dance brings the music and the teacher’s voice directly to your ears creating a more personal experience to focus in on your Zen, combined with a healing practice of breath and movement. 

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